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This is a moderated blog site. All comments or additions to this blog site must follow the rules listed below or they will not be posted:

1. Posts must be written in English and follow the standard English rules of grammar and punctuation.

2. Posts must be void of vulgar language, must not present racist, or sexist points of view. Contributions that advocate hate, discrimination or violent acts are not allowed. Any material that is defamatory, obscene or otherwise illegal is not allowed and will be deleted immediately upon discovery.

3. While open, robust discussion is encouraged, a basic level of civility must be maintained. Personal attacks are not acceptable. Trolling will not be tolerated.

4. A wide spectrum of political points of view are welcome, however posts must not advocate for a particular candidate nor for a political party.

5. Anonymous comments are not allowed. You must create an account on this blog in order to contribute. Pseudonyms are allowed, but must be associated with a valid email address. An invalid email address will cause the blogger to be removed from contributions.

6. In the end, the creators of this blog will determine if material is or is not posted


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