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Those of you who have been following Artifacts Teach for some time have observed a lull in the addition of objects and blog posts. We have been revising and rebuilding the Artifacts Teach website a task that has taken much longer than we anticipated.  It is my pleasure to let you know that we are approaching completion of the revision and anticipate full activation of the website by Memorial Day. This means several things for you:

  1. We will be upgrading Context Support Documents to several of the  objects in the Artifacts Gallery.
  2. We will be adding a very special Vietnam War Era object. It is the most identifiable and treasured artifact from the time.
  3. We will set the 30-day free trial dates, beginning the day we officially launch the completed site.
  4. We will set the date for the “Artifacts Teach Webinar” and notify everyone who has signed up for the website
  5. We will send everyone who signs up for the 30-day free trial a free copy of the white paper, “A Practical Guide for Using Artifacts in the 21st Century Classroom.”

Thanks for your patience as we have been rebuilding the website to make it more user-friendly and classroom-effective.



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