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If you are reading this, then you have found us. Because you are reading this, we know some things about you:

  • You are not Retired On The Job
  • You are excited about engaging students in positive learning
  • You are not afraid of the words “Common” and  “Core” even when they appear together and are spoken by administrators
  • You are interested in taking an activist approach to the challenges you meet everyday
  • You are seeking others who think and feel the same way you do

What about us? You can read the “official bios” on the blog, but beyond that:

  • We believe in teaching students to think, to solve problems and to learn through making mistakes
  • We believe that the “Common Core” is here to stay, and that we need to embrace its implications in a positive fashion
  • We believe that the doctrine of “separate disciplines” is an old 20th century idea that does not track in the 21st century
  • We believe that, as educators, we need to model the future for our students and our communities in order to create constructive change
  • We think of ourselves as the “First Followers” of educational change

If that last phrase is puzzling, you need to watch Derk Sivers’ ’’ “Ted Talk” called, “Starting a Movement.” This 3-minute video will change your paradigm. You can find it at We appreciate the work of those folks who have gone before: Stanford University’s SHEG Project,the Avid Program, Gilder Lehrman’s Partner Schools  Programs, the STEM Initiative, Teaching American History Projects, Digital History, and on and on. Yet, now is the time to meld all of this together to meet the multi-disciplinary challenges that confront us all in the 21st century classroom.

We welcome you aboard and embrace your desire to be a positive change wherever you are. We encourage you to post comments and contribute to conversations about teachers, classrooms, Common Core Standards, students and, dare we say it, cross-curricular approaches. Together, let’s move forward into the 21st century, dancing as we go and modeling the change we wish to occur.


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